First united Methodist Church, Opelika, Alabama

Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School begins at 9:45 a.m. each Sunday.

Coffee and breakfast items are available in the hospitality area near the  fellowship hall between the 8:30 worship service and the beginning of Sunday School.
We have classes for Adults, College, Youth, & Children.
Our Adult Classes are:

  • Poe/Cumbie: Class format is lecture and discussion led by a member of the class or a visiting teacher.  the teachers choose the subject they teach and alternate on a monthly basis.  The membership of the class is both couples and single men and women.  The majority of the class is seniors enjoying their retirement years.  There is a strong emphasis on missions, church leadership, and fellowship.  The class enjoys a social once per quarter sometimes at a local restaurant or in the home of one of the members.  The ladies of the class meet in a local restaurant for lunch the second Wednesday of each month.  The class meets in the Education Building, Room 310.
  • Searchers: This is a lady’s class for various ages that studies the International Lesson Series (Adult Bible Series).  Five members of the class rotate teaching responsibilities.  The class meets in the Church Library.
  • Discipleship: This class is composed of men and women of various ages who desire and hunger to learn and enjoy lessons from the Bible through DVD’s such as those by Ray VanderLaan, David Platt, The Case for Christ Series and HaShem Ministries by Ann Hillyer.  It meets in the Education Building, Room 309.
  • Thoroughman: This is a very active class of adults of various ages.  The members of this class enjoy quarterly socials, quest teachers for their curriculum, and are very involved in church ministries.  Members rotate leading this class for a quarter of the year.  The members of the class prepare refreshments each Sunday.  The class meets underneath the Sanctuary, Room 104.
  • Covenant: This group consists of career people (30’s-50’s)  who study theme related material as well as various books of the Bible.  This class is led by Shannon Cason.  They meet in Condon Hall.
  • Bible Basics: This is a class where “some are younger than others” with ages ranging from adults with young children to retirees.  They study various books of the Bible as well as responding to general Biblical themes.  The class is led by Dan McKeever.  They meet underneath the Sanctuary, Room 103.
  • Servants in Christ: This class consists of young, family-focused professionals (30’s-40’s) who fellowship through Bible principles pertaining to everyday life including family and finance in a search for a deeper understanding of Christianity.  The class meets in the Education Building, Room 304.
  • Young Adult Class: For college-aged individuals as well as those in their 20’s and early 30’s, this class delves into a variety of topics as they fellowship and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  This class meets in the Hub Building, 2nd Floor.

Our Sunday Morning Youth begins at 9:45 a.m. in the Cross Café with fellowship and cereal.  The Jr. High Youth (7th-8th grades) and Sr. High Youth (9th-12th grades) split to dive deeper into the Bible and learn how much they are loved by God.  Contact Rick Lane for more information.

Sunday Schools for Children can be found in two locations on Sunday mornings:

  • Young Children (Kindergarten and younger): The classes for younger children meet on the First Floor of the Education Building.  These classrooms also serve as a nursery for those young children not ready to participate in worship.
  • Elementary Children (1st-6th grades): These children gather at 9:45 a.m. in the Education Building, Room 301/302 for Kids’ Worship.  After exciting worship and an introduction to the day’s lesson, the children divide into smaller age group classes that are also located on the 3rd floor.