First united Methodist Church, Opelika, Alabama

Wednesday Night Connection

Wednesday Night Connection

Wednesday Night Connection is our mid-week time of Food, Fellowship, and Teaching.


Join us at FUMC for fellowship while you dine in at Wednesday Night Connection.  A few things to remember:

  • Reservations are required by Monday at 12:00 noon each week by completing the reservations card, contacting the church office, or by clicking here (link will be accessible from Thursday at 9:00 a.m. until Monday at 12:00 p.m.).
  • Serving hands are still needed and welcomed to plate the food!  Please contact the church office to be a volunteer


We offer opportunities for discipleship for all ages.  Programs will start again in August 2017.

Children gather in the Education Building – 1st floor (Kindergarten and younger), 3rd floor (1st-6th grades) – where they meet for Children’s Choir before having the opportunity to memorize scripture, learn Bible lessons, do mission projects, and play games.

Youth begin their evening participating in M.A.T.T. (Meals and Teen Tires – a ministry to feed widows and widowers in our community) which starts in the Fellowship Hall before moving upstairs to the 4th Floor.  They then meet in the Education Building on the 4th floor for Bible Studies.

Adults have multiple options to choose from:


The Armor of God  An enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything that matters to you: your heart, mind, marriage, children, relationships, your destiny.  But his battle plan depends on catching you unaware and unarmed.  If you’re tired of being pushed around and caught with your guard down, this study is for you.  This is a video series and you will need to purchase the study book separately  The book is available through Amazon, Lifeway, or Christian Book Distributors.  Facilitator: Karen Bush; Room: Education Building, Room 309

How to Read the Four Gospels for All They are Worth  Have you ever wondered why there are four accounts of the life of Jesus in the Bible?  What do the perspectives of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have in common; how do they differ?  What do I need to know in order to better understand the life and ministry of Jesus, as shared in the four gospels?  Come and explore these and other questions as we read together the first four books of the New Testament.  Bring a Bible and a pen, and join in the fun with our senior pastor!  Facilitator:  Rev. Robin Wilson; Room: Education Building, Room 310

The Minor Prophets: God Still Speaks  Be honest.  When did you last read a book like Obadiah? Or Nahum?  Or perhaps the better question is “Have you ever read Obadiah?” or “Where do I find Haggai”?  The Minor Prophets form the last 12 books of the Old Testament.  Based on the book of the same title by Tom Cowan, this study of these Prophets will show us the character of God as few other books do: “They highlight God’s sovereignty…holiness…[and] love…In the Minor Prophets, we will ehar the voice of God speaking to us in a fresh way…as individuals and as a spirutal fellowship in the Church.”  Facilitator: Matt York;  Room: Education Building, Room 310

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families  Did you know that event the greatest of families are off track 90% of the time?  It’s true.  The late Stephen Covey contended that, “The 7 Habits are based on universal, timeless, and self-evident principles that are just as true in the world of human relationships as the law of gravity is in the physical world…These habits are not tricks or techniques.  They’re not quick fixes…they are habits – established patterns of thinking and doing things – that all successful families have in common” (Covey, S. 1997).  Join this book study, if you are looking for something designed specifically for parents to learn new habits that will increase your effectiveness, reduce your stress, and enable you to receive support and encouragement from other FUMC families!  The books are $10.50, if you would like to order through Laura Hartley, or you may purchase yourself.  Facilitator: Laura Hartley; Room: Condon Hall

Prayer Ministry  Room: Education Building, Room 307